By Lulu Turpin

This is Elwood and me.
He won the Ugliest Dog Contest in California.

This is Wally. A foster dog. 
My mom liked him so much she made a mosaic of him.

This is my mom with Oogy. He is a famous dog ya know. 
"Oogy, The Dog Only a Family Could Love"

Joey, my brother, dressed up for Halloween. 
Now his nickname is Josephine.
 (I don't think he likes his costume)

My brother Gregory Rabbit. 
He was unsocialized and fiesty when we got him. 
He feels all secure wrapped up celebrating the holidays. 

Big brother Sage and me. 
Although I'm usually not to good at sharing. 

This is me in the snow. 
The humans didn't shovel yet. 

I love the snow!

My brother Gregory sleeps and eats, and eats and sleeps. 

This is Hope. We fostered her. 
While she was here we loved her very much. 

I got put in this dress. Don't like it much.
Even if it says I'm a Disney Princess. 

This is my cousin Abby at her house, being bad!

WOW. This picture taking is exhausting!

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