What We Do

Lois, a lifelong animal lover, started Barky's with a commitment to provide quality play time, fun dog walks, water/feeding, clean cage and/or litter boxes and any other requirements your furry loved ones will need while you are away.

Start with a complimentary play date. Lois stops by for a fun-filled time of getting to know each other.

You will receive pertinent information regarding Barky's Pet Care Service, and a questionnaire to fill out about each of your animals.

We will go over schedules, routines, likes, dislikes, treats, favorite walking routes, favorite toys, and any questions you may have. 

Barky's Pet Care offers personalized care, and never fear, back up is here!! If Lois is ever incapacitated, she has a trusting, animal loving team member, Dawn, who is always a close distance away.  (You will get to meet her at the complimentary meet and greet.)

To schedule a complimentary play date, please call Lois at 215-510-5187, or email, barkyspetcare@yahoo.com.